Who Is Shadeflower?

Melissa L. Hickman, Owner | Lead Designer

Melissa L. Hickman

Owner | Lead Designer

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About Melissa

As graphic artist and owner, Melissa Hickman has proven herself in the world of design. After a stint in television at the age of 17, Melissa fell in love with the media industry and pursued a degree in Mass Communications at Winona State University. She spent the next several years in radio, internet radio, and internet marketing. But it wasn’t until after working as Production & Editorial Manager at the Southeast’s leading bridal magazine, Carolina Bride, where she found her passion in graphic design!

In 2007, Melissa and her husband put all their belongings in storage, loaded up backpacks with a few clothes, a camera and journals and traveled around the world for 7 months, visiting 17 countries throughout Central and South America, Austral-Asia, Africa, Europe and Scandinavia.  She fell in love with the textures, ideas and colors of different nations and has since incorporated those into her designs. Upon returning to the U.S., she launched Shadeflower Designs.

Melissa is well-versed in designing for a variety of businesses and non-profits, and seems to have an intuitive sense of understanding her clients’ needs. She has designed for a variety of industries including: bridal, photography, healthcare, music & dance, sports, roofing & renovations, bars & restaurants, legal, and self-publishing.

When Melissa isn’t working, she can most often be found chasing around her children, ages 2-½ and 5, sketching, gardening organic herbs and veggies, haunting local coffee shops and bookstores, reading, photography, playing word games, and messing around on anything Mac. She describes herself as creative, personable, funny and a little geeky.

It began with a maple tree.

Wonder where the name Shadeflower (ahem) stems from? When I was little, my mother would most often find me in the shade of a maple tree instead of playing in the sun with the other kids. I’d busy myself with an art project, a book or a journal. She would always chuckle and call me her little “Shadeflower.”

I have since come to enjoy the sun, but find myself in the shade when I need creativity to blossom.

When I started my own business, I wondered what it was that would set me apart from the rest of the world. Afterall, there are so many talented designers out there, what made me so special? After some thought, I realized the answer was simple: My imagination. My dreams. My roots. The essence of me.

Oh, and yes, my mom still calls me Shadeflower and continues to be my greatest cheerleader!

The garden is sown.

For several years I worked as Managing Editor of Carolina Bride magazine, the leading bridal publication in the southeast. While there I spoke with many couples who complained about the difficulty to obtain a unique wedding without doubling (or even tripling!) their budgets.

When the time came for me to plan my own wedding, I was appalled at the expensive invitation shops and the bland, boring options that were offered in my price range. After paging through numerous idea books, I came to the conclusion that not only could I make the invitations myself – but at a fraction of the cost!

Two years later, Shadeflower Designs was born. My mission is to provide my clients with unique stationery at a budget-friendly price, without compromising quality, selection and beauty.

So give Shadeflower a chance – I am confident you will love the results!

Why choose Shadeflower?

When you work with Shadeflower, you aren’t just supporting Small Business, you are supporting a dream! I am obsessed with design, paper and textures, and have an untapped creative mind! I love sharing in my clients’ triumphs, whether they are celebrating a marriage, the birth of a child, or a surprise birthday party! Here are some benefits to working with Shadeflower:

Personalized Service

With Shadeflower, you won’t get an automated operator or fill-in-the-blank templates. You will receive personalized service with every project and order.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you don’t look good, Shadeflower doesn’t look good. If you’re not happy, you won’t come back or tell your friends. That’s why I do everything in my power to make sure you are thrilled with the results.

Quality control.

Every piece of stationery that leaves the Shadeflower studio is inspected for quality. However, if you find something is not up to par, we will make it right. Please review our terms and conditions for details.

High quality materials.

With Shadeflower Designs, you don’t get run-of-the-mill house stock paper and flimsy white envelopes. All stationery products and gifts are made with the highest attention to detail and showcase some of the finest materials in the industry – all at prices well below the competition!


Shadeflower Designs is all about the GREEN! Shadeflower collaborates with vendors that are environmentally conscious and promotes green efforts such as recycling and spreading awareness. Be sure to visit the “Eco-Features” tab on each product page.

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