Keepin’ It Green with Shadeflower

Keepin’ It Green with Shadeflower is a way to emphasize what a vital aspect “being green” is to Shadeflower. All stationery and photo gift products are printed on eco-friendly papers of varying degrees. Click on the Keepin’ It Green with Shadeflower logo to see a list of information on what green practices and certifications were used in the product. In addition to using green materials, Shadeflower Designs adamantly takes the following steps:

Recycling. Not only does SFD follow standard recycling practices of plastic, glass, cardboard and paper, but even scraps of stationery are recycled or upcycled into crafts and cards, scratching down ideas, and note-taking. Colorful and textured papers are donated to grade school classes for art projects!

Eco-friendly vendors. All of the vendors SFD does business with practice a multitude of eco-friendly practices such as: FSC CertificationSustainable Forestry InitiativePartner of Carbon FreeGreen-e CertificationGreen Seal CertificationTree FreePapers Made with Renewable Energy, Chlorine Free (TCP/TCP) through the Chlorine Free Products Association (CFPA), CTI Carbon Neutral, and Carbon Neutral Shipping. SFD’s vendor for Packaging practices natural, recycled and sustainable packaging.

Recycled toners. SFD purchases recycled toners from a vendor who is committed to preserving our environment. MSE conserves our natural resources by reusing non-wearing plastic shells and metal components from spent OEM cartridges.

Promoting awareness. SFD loves to educate clients, family and friends about good-earth practices. And I always love to hear new and clever ways from others!  Without discussion, change will never come! So give me a call or drop me a line!

In the home.  Aside from practicing green methods for SFD, I am committed to continuing them in my home. Here at the Hickman household, we recycle, use eco-friendly & organic cleaning supplies, donate clothes and household items, use energy-efficient lightbulbs, appliances and vehicles, open windows in the summer and insulate in the winter, use cold water for laundering clothes, and more! I also have a garden full of organic vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers!